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Near River Dwellers

... Check the Pow Wow Information Page for 2017's scheduled Powwow events! Watch for a special announcement about our Powwows for next year! ...

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    Welcome to the New Official Tribal web site of the Nuluti Equani Ehi Tribe.
Our name is translated from Cherokee Language meaning Near River Dwellers.

    This name is based on the fact that our people have been living on the rivers of Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina for well over 400 years. The existence of our people has been documented to before first contact to the present time. As to tribal status, the Nuluti Equani Ehi Tribe is not federally recognized by the BIA and may choose not to pursue this path.

    Many of our legends and much of our history tell us that in the 1400's our people moved into the area that is now know as North Carolina. During and, in fact, preceeding this movement, our ancestors intermingled with and were part of the Saura Nation and, through inter-marriage with the Saura and other tribes in the area that had achieved some degree of assimilation, movement by our People into white society was augmented.

    We have applied for recognition by the North Carolina Department of Indian Affairs and are undergoing the long process involved in that pursuit. However, we are recognized by Proclamation from the Governor of North Carolina, dating our people to 1752 and before. We were also under treaty with King George executed in 1730 and reported by the King to be the First Government and the first people to enter into a treaty with the Crown in the New World. Our ancestors were the founders of what is now the Cherokee Nation, the Eastern Band of the Cherokee and the Snow Bird.

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    Several Colleges have established digs and carried out research on land that belonged to our ancestors and on the river on which our people lived. Wake Forest University carbon dates existence to 15,000 years ago and North Carolina University approximates this same time period. Surviving structures of interest to the University of North Carolina are the fish traps in the Yadkin River (Atkin) that were placed there by our peoples many years ago.The fish traps are built in solid bedrock and are as functional today as they were in the past simply by placing a net in the traps.

    The Nuluti Equani Ehi Tribe welcomes interest in Citizenship, but those seeking monetary gain by entry into our tribe do not be misled. It is true the Eastern Band of the Cherokee dispense yearly payments, but the money is generated internally by the tribe from the tribal-owned casino. The only benefits the Cherokee Nation provides are medical benefits. Any benifits gained through the Nuluti Equani Ehi Tribe will be based on what the tribe builds for its Citizens and the Tribe as a whole.

    You may learn more about the origins of the Nuluti Equani Ehi Tribe in our History section!

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    The proclamation received from the Governor of North Carolina for our Pow Wow hosted and degisnated annually in every second weekend in July as Native American Weekend in North Carolina. Our Pow Wow is the major event which also dates our tribe to 1753 and before.

Native American Weekend in North Carolina
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    2013 marked another year in which the Honorable Governer Pat McCrory for the State of North Carolina decreed the Strong Sun Pow Wow as Native American Weekend. The Nuluti Equani Ehi - Near River Dwellers wish to thank the great state of North Carolina for this great honor.

    Since 2009, The Govenors Proclamation has been issued on proclaiming Strong Sun Pow Wow as Native American Week End in North Carolina. We have also received Proclamations from the mayor's of Winston-Salem, Clemmons and Yadkinville in prior years where the Strong Sun Pow Wow has been held.

Strong Sun Pow Wow

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Strong Sun Pow Wow for 2017

2017 Strong Sun_002 (137K)

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Wolf Creek Pow Wow for 2017

2017 Wolf Creek (153K)

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We always welcome additional support for the many projects we undertake to make our Pow Wows and other events a success. If you would like to donate to the many causes we sponsor, click on the Pay Pal link below and make a donation in the amount you desire.

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We Thank You for your Support!

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